Meet Studio Willem

After receiving many requests for non-plastic take-away packaging, SD Trading decided to take the challenge to create the first good looking, yet sustainable, take-away package. The responsibility for the design is completely in hands of Studio Willem.
Studio Willem is a cooperation between six students from the Delft University of Technology, who use their collective intelligence to think about the next step in sustainable disposables. They have traveled through the entire country and cooperated with Tante Bep to come up with ideas for the products. Their most recent trip was a so called ‘inspiration tour’ in Switzerland, where they locked themselves into a chalet without internet or contact with the outside world, just them and their creative minds. (And an unbelievably beautiful view on the Swiss nature!)
We wish Studio Willem all the best with this project and we are very excited for the result of our collaboration. Take a look at the pictures and the short video they made to check out how they work and get inspired. To be continued!