Life Hacks on How To Use Less Plastic!

Plastic is everywhere and it can be really difficult to avoid it. Therefore, here are some life hacks on how you can stay away from plastic!
Store produce in towels instead of plastic
Plastic containers and films are both an environmental and health concern, but fear no more, the solution is to use dish towels to keep your produce fresh and crispy, it even lasts longer when wrapped in a damp towel than in plastic.
Replace all your cleaning supplies with Natural Alternatives
There are thousands of chemical cleaning materials on the shelves in the supermarket but no matter who good the they claim to be, most products have a natural equivalent. Vinegar is great for kitchen and bathroom surfaces, polish silverware and even unclog the drains, just add some lemon and orange peels to get a natural citrus scent and spray away!
Use mason jars and old jam jars to replace plastic condiment bottles
Making your own jam and condiment is actually not that difficult nor time consuming, so why not try it…? Just fill it up in glass containers and replace all of those plastic bottles you probably have hidden in your fridge.
Skip the plastic products and bulk items
This might seem like an obvious thing to do but most of the times it can be tricky to find products in your local supermarket that are not wrapped in layers and layers of plastic. So keep this in mind next time you swing by the grocery store and try to find the produce without plastic wrap. Oh, and make sure to bring your own canvas bag to carry your goodies home in style.
The list goes on, there are many small actions you can take to make your lifestyle slightly more sustainable and plastic free. The trick is to constantly keep this in mind and at times get creative!