The Sweetest Thing

The future tableware might just be eatable.
Here at SD Trading we make use of organic waste materials such as sugar cane fiber to make disposable tableware, but our plates are only compostable not eatable…
…But American artist and cake designer Margaret Braun is currently working on the sweetest project made entirely out of sugar. Braun combined her talent in crafting confections and her interest in porcelain sculpturing and set it to the challenge of fashioning an installation of 2000 ornate white cups made from sugar past, a material quite similar to clay commonly used in bakeries. The cups are not only decorative put can actually be used to drink from. She says the cups can contain hot liquids such a coffee, tea and hot chocolate but advice you not to drink wine out of them since the sugar will deteriorate the taste of the wine.
She deliberately choose to only work with the color white since it gives her more freedom but also increases the challenge of making them all different.
Working with natural materials and creating something innovating of something that already exist is the future to a more sustainable lifestyle