Hendrick’s Kanaracuni Launch in Amsterdam

Amsterdam based “BureauJEZ”, one of the coolest young event agencies of The Netherlands was asked to organize the launch of the super rare Hendrick‘s Kanaracuni gin in the Hortus Botanicus. Scorpion tail is one of the bizar ingredients in this gin. Only 560 bottles will be available throughout the world of which not one will end up in retail. Kanaracuni is the name of the village where the expedition team was based during their research trip deep in the Guiana Highlands of Venezuela, searching for rare ingredients.
During the exclusive launch event in the Hortus Botanicus the menu was as rare and excentric as the Kanaracuni Gin:
A culinary curiosity of mealy worms encased in Magnanimous merengue and complimented by curry mayonnaise of the Old World, presented on the foliage of the Musa Acuminata or plainly named “banana plant”. A veritable treasure-trove of gastronomic pleasure.
A plethora of pastry delight crafted from cassava, fulfilled with pleasantly fried grasshopper and an opulent orange butter, for those who dare to voyage into the realms of the cretaceous critters…  Oh how devilishly dashing!
Chomping tearless grilled crocodile tournedos, accompanied by green papaya chutney and truthful water bugs (a staple for any maverick of intrepid jungle exploration), sumptuous sweet potato chips and curry sauce – for those who like a little ‘bite’ in their gullet!
Toast of brioche floating gently on a luscious syrup, gently held in place by a refreshing elderberry sorbet, sure to ensue glee in even the most ardent of Francophiles.
Always somewhere on the table: The inconspicuous curiosity of blossom pots encumbered with edible earth, wee taters and a scattering of chives.
We saw the Venus vase of Koppert Cress and the Hampi plates of SD Trading on the table, truly adventurous brands which fitted well in the extra ordinairy athmosphere that night.