Fruy Finest Food Catering, a super user of Sucadrops and Chefs Freedom

Our valued partner Fruy Finest Food Catering offers more than taste with their custom-made haute cuisine. The honour of four generations of the hard working small business in now defended by Xavier Fruy and Ann Verduyn. Together, they prove that catering does not have to be boring, band or uniform.
Xavier’s passion in the kitchen in combination with Ann’s outstanding care for the customers result in a feast for all senses during the complete event; from tables to hostesses to toilets. Fruy Finest Food Catering takes a personal approach to give all clients the opportunity to think through all aspects and choices for their perfect event. Larger events are invited to experience a 3D animation of the event venue. Fruy Finest Food Catering strives to make the wildest dreams come true! Their expertise and flexibility helps them to ensure perfection in all that the customers taste, feel, see and smell.
In creating the perfect atmosphere for each event, Fruy Finest Food Catering likes to work with the sustainable disposables of SD Trading. “I do not want to think about carrying 2000 porcelain plates to an event, if a few boxes of Sucadrops will do. Besides, they simply look amazing!”, says Xavier.
The latest example of the work of Fruy Finest Food Catering is the VIP event and Innovation Award last week in Kortrijk, Belgium. The most astonishing innovations, an interesting combination of music and very surprising catering were the key ingredients to this successful event in “De Kreun”. During the inspiring night, the 6 best innovations were priced during the 10th edition of the Innovation Awards. The VIP event and the Innovation Awards of 2014 were organized prior to the Creativity World Forum, Europe’s largest conference about entrepreneurial creativity.
The Innovation Awards are developed to reward the most innovative end projects of students of West-Vlaanderen’s higher education. During the ceremony, the most inspiring and suitable projects are presented to the special guests. The beautiful gastronomic creations by Fruy Finest Food Catering during VIP event and the Innovation Awards were presented on our beautiful Sucadrops and Chefs’ Freedom disposables with Aspenware cutlery. The video that was designed by Shakalaka! shows the stunning results!