The Dutch Energy Battle

On the Dutch day of sustainability last month the 4th edition of the Klimaatverbond Energy Battle has started. Ten different municipalities selected at least three households that are going to save as much energy and gas as possible in four weeks. During last year’s Energy Battle participating households saved an average of 19% on electricity and 15% on gas.
An average household spills around 15% of its used energy by leaving lights and TVs on for instance, which corresponds to an approximate €120,- per year and pollutes the environment around us. The so called Wattcher measures the use of energy. The Energy Battle is an initiative of the Dutch Klimaatverbond (Climate Bond), that will announce the winner of the battle on the Dutch Nationale Warme Truiendag (National Warm Sweaterday) in February next year.
SD Trading supports this initiative from the Klimaatverbond and hopes that the battle makes people aware of the fact that there still too much energy is wasted in the Netherlands. Not only the selected households should try to save as much energy as possible; we think that everyone should contribute to saving the environment. Good luck to all participants and especially our own Tess in Heemstede!