Jeremy Vermolen, chef of all trades

SD Trading loves to work with passionate chefs who do not just want to cook, but also want to have a positive impact on the environment. Jeremy Vermolen is such a chef. An inspiring man who prepares the most beautiful dishes during the Dutch TV show ‘Robs grote tuinverbouwing’ every Saturday on SBS 6. Jeremy creates his dishes on the famous Weber Barbecue and he knows that they simply look best on SD Trading’s plates.
Besides being in a TV show every week, Jeremy runs two restaurants in Roosendaal as well. The first, Il Fornaretto, is an Italian restaurant, where you can taste the authenticity of Italy through amazing wood oven pizza’s and different sorts of pasta. At his second restaurant, Beer ‘n Steak, Jeremy works with ‘The Beast’. The Beast is an enormous barbecue, that is used to provide everyone in the restaurant with delicious steaks.
To share his passion for the barbecue, Jeremy opened the Kookaburra Kookstudio. A place where you can follow workshops on making tapas, preparing Italian food and of course on how to become a barbecue star. Here everyone can learn how to make the best steaks and nicest pizzas. Below, you can find the most beautiful pictures of Jeremy’s creations on Hampi plates.