Close The Tap- Save Water

Clean drinking water is something most of us take for granted, and use copious amounts of everyday and sometimes forget that the luxury of accessing water is something many lack. According to UN Water more than 783 million people have to live their lives in a constant search for water.
The non-profit organization Water Project Inc. puts this into perspective through an activation they did in a Hollywood movie theater earlier this year named #TheWaterProject. The Water Project Inc. is one of many non-profit organizations that unlock human potential by providing sustainable water projects to communities in sub- Saharan Africa which suffers from a lack of access to clean water and proper sanitation.
The Water Project, have over seven years of experience in helping communities gain access to clean and safe water by providing training, expertise and financial support for water project constructions with the help of their staff and implementing partners.
There are many more places like Sub-Sahara that are in desperate need of help in order to improve the access to water.
Organizations like Water Project Inc. are no heroes, but they spread awareness and start project that we together can make successful, through volunteer work and financial support. Together we can help each other and make a change in the world.
Next time you brush your teeth or do the dishes remember to close the tap. Don’t let if run, during the time you brush your teeth you waste approximately 10 liters of water, that is more than some people have in a whole month.