After a long, dark and cold winter spring is finally here!

So far we have had the pleasure of enjoying a few sunny and “warmer” days in the past couple of weeks. Spring is the time of year when everything comes back to life, the days get lighter and longer and people start to come out of their hibernations, filling parks and nature with a happy and energetic atmosphere.
But as night falls and the temperature drops people start packing up and leaving one by one, going home full of hope for what the summer might bring. What is left in the parks and nature is only the demolishing tracks of humans, with litter and trash all over, making the serene environment look like a landfill.
This is such a saddening thought and view, that some people do not respect nature nor the communal workers who have to try to clean up all the trash that is left behind. Many of us care and respect nature and leave it as we found it. Unfortunately, that does not undo the damage that is done by the ones who are too lazy to clean up after themselves. The trash that is left behind is not only unsustainable and unattractive it can also injure animals that eat what is not good for them or get tangled up in what we leave behind. Litter also attract rodents and birds, something we want to try to keep away from the areas we want to enjoy on sunny days.
There are simply no excuses to not cleaning up after yourself. Even if the trash bins are filled to the max, you pick up your litter and bring it with you to the next trash bin. Even if that means you have to bring it all the way back home, that is what you do. If you could carry it to the park you can carry it to the trash bin.
If you see someone leaving their trash behind don’t hesitate to ask them to pick it up, some people need a push in the right direction, and the shame and embarrassment of someone telling them to do what they know is the right thing might be enough for them to change their behavior.
The trash you most commonly see is plastic, a material that in many cases can be difficult to avoid. Using our sustainable disposable tableware made from all natural materials is the perfect product to invest in for the picnic season. Our disposable plates are biodegradable and can be composted after use and return to nature leaving no hazarders tracks behind (ASTM D-6400 certified). Another upside to using sustainable disposable plates is that if one would blow away by accident nature will be able to break down the materials naturally.
Enjoy the spring and keep our nature clean!