The Chocolatemakers, the most sustainable company in Amsterdam!

Last Monday, the Chocolatemakers have been awarded with the Amsterdam ‘Damprijs‘. This prestigious award proves that they are the most sustainable small to middle-sized company in the Amsterdam region!
The factory of the Chocolatemakers is the only chocolate manufacturing company that has control of the entire supply chain; from beginning to end. Owners Enver Loke and Rodney Nikkels use a sailboat to bring the cacao beans from the Dominican Republic, Congo and Peru to Amsterdam. Once arrived,  the beans are transported to the factory per delivery bike. The Chocolatemakers can produce approximately 4.000 bars per week.
Everything that is used in the chocolate factory is either organic, compostable or second hand. For instance, the Chocolatemakers contribute to the protection of the last Gorilla’s in Congo. The cacao beans they use for their powerful Gorilla Bars come from strategically placed plants that protect the last Gorillas’ territory border in Congo. In addition, the wraps that they use for their delicious chocolate bars are not made of aluminum foil like most wraps, but from waxed paper that can be recycled again. Finally, almost the entire machinery consist of used materials, just like the furniture in the factory.
SD Trading congratulates the Chocolatemakers with the award they deserved and is happy to have a partner in the combat against non-sustainable materials only a stroll away from our office in Amsterdam Noord!