The Brunch; Good Food, Bad People

On October 26th, the enormously popular restaurant The Jane in Antwerp has introduced “The Brunch”. With high class gastronomic dishes, exclusive drinks and fancy DJs, The Brunch’s first edition definitely lived up to its slogan of “Good Food, Bad People”.
The Brunch was brought in from London and New York by photographers Stephanie Rosseel and Sam de Backer with the aim to make it unforgettable. For the kick off, they were able to arrange the most perfect spot in Belgium; The Jane.
Supreme dishes and classy cocktails are an essential part of a Brunch party, and who can better serve such exclusivities as Sergio Herman and Nick Bril themselves?! The formula of DJ Joris Voorn behind the deejay booth, Sergio and Nick in the kitchen and SD Trading’s plates to present the gastronomic masterpieces concluded in an incredible success.  Within nine minutes after the ticket sale started, the party was sold out. The 260 guest were lucky to get hold of a ticket.
Initiator Stephanie Rosseel is planning to organize between four and six Brunch parties per year. The next one is planned for February, although the location is still unknown. Below you can find some pictures of the first edition of The Brunch. To be continued…