The 45th Annual Earth Day

2015 will be an exciting year in which Sustainability and Economic Growth go hand in hand. It is the year in which leaders will sign a binding climate change treaty, and a year when citizens and organizations deprive from fossil fuels and redirect their money into renewable energy solutions. All of these actions will take a lot of effort, but we are aware of what is on the line; the future of our planet and the life on it. Together we can show the world a new direction, it is our turn to lead so that world leaders can follow by example.
The first Earth Day was held on the 22nd of April in 1970 and is seen as the start of the modern environmental movement and the time when many of the environmental statutory laws were implemented as an attempt to save our planet. Many of these laws are still in use today.
Over the past 20 years there has been a series of failed attempts to create an effective international treaty on climate change mitigation. In 1997 the first major international agreement was signed, The Kyoto Protocol. Ever since, many summits and many efforts have been made to come up with an agreement on how to tackle our environmental issues, from Rio to Copenhagen, have all ended up in a flop.
In 2015 we can make a change and redefine this process. It is our turn to lead. But we can’t do it alone, remember it is the first follower who creates the opportunity for a movement.
Over the last 45 years EDN (Earth Day Network) has executed successful environmental campaigns on issues ranging from climate change and drinking water to voter registration and saving the whale. EDN is a recognized leader in creating civically-oriented innovative programs with partners outside the environmental movement to tackle new challenges. Today the core focus lays in:
Greening schools and promoting environmental education
Accelerating the global Green economy
A billion Acts of Green
The Canopy Project
Earth Day India
Campaigned to protect the Asian elephants
The green cities campaign
These programs are ongoing all year round. EDN works together with over 22.000 partners and organizations in 192 countries and pursues its mission “to broaden diversity and mobilize the environmental movement through a variety of education, public policy and activism campaigns”.
So what can you do to support Earth Day 2015?
There are several ways you can help spread awareness on how to preserve our planet and support the cause. You can either attend an Earth Day event in your community or create your own. Another alternative is to do volunteered work in your community, such as helping to clean up and improve the environment surrounding you.
Please share your Earth Day actions on your social media and help lead the change.