TRENDxCHANGE: The Food Future

Save the date: On the 9th of March Trend Tablet by Lidewij Edelkoort will hold a Trend X Changes seminar concerning Food Future at Hotel Droog in Amsterdam.
Lidewij Edelkoort is one of the most famous trend forecaster. She and her team are intuitive thinkers who travel the world and study the evolution of socio- cultural trends. Later sharing their knowledge with their clients in industries as diverse as fashion, interior, car, cosmetics, retail and our favorite; Food.
The Edelkoort team compiles all the information gathered each season and publish to share their knowledge, every season has a different focus. Once a year they come out with a special edition focusing on lifestyle trends and every second year, alternating the Architecture Book and Well Being Bible.
Apart from publishing trend books the team at Edelkoort also does consulting, exhibitions and seminars. They recently launched a new social media platform called Trend Tablet. This platform explains how trends grow, evolve and flow, and helps us to better understand and perceive how trends interact in our daily life.
This coming Thursday Trend Tablet by Lidewij Edelkoort will hold a Trend X Change seminar at Hotel Droog in Amsterdam, focusing on the topic; Food Future.
Trend X Change is a new type of event held every 4th month where a major theme is discussed to better understand the world in which we are living in tomorrow.
Trend X Change provides access to brainstorming on major trends, allowing participants to meet entrepreneurs, artists and talented creators, selected with outmost care. The Food Future seminar led by the Trend Tablet editor Cecile Poignate starts in the morning at 8.30 and goes on until around lunch time, finishing off with a networking session. During the seminars Cecile Poignate will share her views on primary food trends linked to feeding and change in behavior.
What will be the key foods for tomorrow? Is food a drogue? Will we all become- locavores- consumers of locally grown produce only?
Trend forecasting resembles looking into a crystal ball, there are many opportunities that can be explored and threats to be avoided by being one step ahead. We are constantly scanning our environment when selling our sustainable disposable plates, making sure to take advantage of the opportunities we come across and derive from potential threats.