Sustainable = Smart

Sustainability is a state of mind. It means supporting and maintaining long-term ecological balance and not being harmful to our environment nor deplete natural resources. All of our products are made from natural materials that otherwise would have been waste – we are literally borrowing these materials from the earth. We strongly encourage our customers to engage in sustainable composting practice thus enabling our products to return to the soil where it awaits future generations.

Our products are the #1 Green Solution for you.

  • Made from natural waste materials
  • Zero-waste production methods
  • Water conservation
  • Fair & safe labor conditions
  • Less negative environmental impact than porcelain
  • Compostable

Practical & Strong

Our sustainable disposables are practical yet aesthetic – designed to change and improve the way the hospitality industry operates. The tableware itself is strong and firm and able to carry culinary creations with pride. Our bagasse (sugar cane fiber) products are versatile and can be used in microwaves and combi-steam ovens as well as refrigerators and freezer units. The plates and bowls will hold hot and cold liquids for at least 48 hour without losing its shape. Our palm leaf product line is all natural without additives.

All of our products have compact and lightweight packaging making them easy to handle and transport.

  • Functional and sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Microwave safe
  • Freezer safe
  • Steam oven safe
  • Liquid resistant 

Save Money

Washing and re-using traditional rental tableware or buying low-quality plastic disposables – those used to be your choices, today you have the option of replacing both with premium disposable tableware within the same budget. Our products are easy to handle and will save you a lot of money on washing, logistics, transportation, labor and energy costs and breakage. We package in bundles of 20 pcs, 25 pcs and 50 pcs and have extensive product lines ranging in size from small to large in various shapes and designs.

  • Save manpower, time and energy
  • No washing nor handling breakables
  • Comparable price to porcelain rentals
  • Cut down on transportation costs
  • Only buy what you use

Lasting Experience

The #1 choice of Michelin star chefs; their cuisine looks the best on our products. Our products meet the highest standards and are the most recognized and sought after products in the industry. Our brands have won international design awards and have been featured at countless culinary events, exhibitions and even museums. Our art compliments your art.

  • Eye-catching design
  • World-class presentation
  • #1 choice of Michelin star chefs
  • Memorable experiences