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As you may know, we are not only active in Europe, but we also have offices in the USA, Hong Kong and China. On the back of our existing sourcing infrastructure in China we have worked closely with Chinese suppliers of disposable products for over 10 years by developing brands, co-investing in production lines, educating people and setting up strict quality protocols and guidelines.

In collaboration with one of our trusted Chinese suppliers, a respirator masks with FFP2 / N95 classifications has evolved suitable for distribution in both Europe and the USA. We have already sold over 1 million respirator masks in the USA and we are about to launch in Europe.

Maybe you wonder why we got involved in this field of ‘personal protective equipment’ in the first place ? Our motivation is simple and sincere: in these very difficult and unpredictable times the world needs experienced teams that know exactly what to do, what protocol to follow and with whom to collaborate in order to ensure that the flow of vital respirator masks continues so to be able to open up our economies in the near future in a sustainable manner while maintaining safe and healthy surroundings.

On the same line of thinking we have tapped into our sourcing network to provide you in the near future with eco hand sanitizers and related products.

We are here to serve, and for those who are familiar with us, we do so in a responsible, price sensitive manner.

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