WASARA at Restaurant NAP

Restaurant NAP is the kind of spot you’re welcome any time of the day, every day. Whether it is for breakfast, lunch, diner, drinks, cocktails, small bites or just a coffee and a newspaper, the NAP team always welcomes you with your needs and wants.
The splendid location at the harbor of IJburg also became a famous spot for organizing events and parties, around  Christmas on a daily basis. Since the use of porcelain would have meant extra stewarding and kitchen staff and thus extra costs, owner Roel Geijsen decided to use our disposable WASARA tableware! Feel the ambiance and check out some video’s at the NAP YouTube Channel and follow their Facebook page.
Normaal Amsterdams Peil (NAP) or Amsterdam Ordnance Datum is a vertical datum in use in large parts of Western Europe. Originally created for use in the Netherlands  it was adopted by Prussia in 1879 under the name Normal null and in 1955 by other European countries.