Symbiose By The Jane

We’re proud to announce that on November 17th 2016, the newest, gastronomically leading, durable line of disposable tableware “Symbiose by The Jane” was launched at the infamous restaurant The Jane.

This collaboration between The Jane’s Nick Bril, One and Many’s designer Yaara Landau-Katz and Natural Tableware was revealed on this day and of course this had to be combined with an exceptional 5-course lunch at The Jane Antwerp! At the invitation of the three involved parties, 38 lucky invitees enjoyed a delicious tasting menu in the Upper Room where Sergio Herman and Nick Bril themselves were preparing and serving the courses on the new disposable tableware.

The Symbiose line is made from Bagasse, or sugarcane pulp if you will, and consists of 3 different sized bowls (Bite, Starter, Main)  and a top / side plate which, as the name suggests, can be used as a side plate and as a top plate on top of the Bite and Starter bowl.

The combination of a chefs point of view, that of a designer and a durable tableware producer makes this line suited for any occasion and any type of chef. Chefs in general are more active outside of their own kitchens and restaurants at festivals and other types of events, where it’s important to them that they can bring some of their own character and that of their restaurant with them. This is made possible by Symbiose due to its gastronomic characteristics and elegant design.

The launch is a fact, the pre-order / product reservation is open and we expect Symbiose to be fully available early 2017!