Sustainable Disposables at outdoor Culinary Food Festivals Antwerpen Proeft & Taste of Amsterdam

This year SD Trading again was the preferred supplier of the outdoor Culinary Food Festival Antwerpen Proeft (15-18 May). Our Sustainable Disposables were used by many top restaurants to serve their fantastic food creations to the public. Antwerpen Proeft featured Sucadrops, the disposable cutlery Aspenware and of course our Hampi premium palmleaf plates.
Also at Taste of Amsterdam (15-18 May) many great chefs served their beautiful signature dishes on Sustainable Disposables of SD Trading.
During both Culinary Food Festivals we celebrated the international launch of Chefs’ Freedom. Lute and BÚN had the scoop at Taste of Amsterdam and Antwerpen Proeft.
Chefs’ Freedom is the one and only compostable design disposable which gives the Chef total freedom. It can be used on both sides and all around.