Reef your Sails, It’s a Wrap!

Sail Amsterdam 2015 was a great success, a phenomenal and majestic event that made jaws drop all over the city and eyes wondering to the sky to see the incredible tall ships.
The city really came to life and everyone went all in to make it a memorable experience for both the visitors and the citizens of Amsterdam.
This year SD Trading were the proud suppliers of the disposable products that was used during the 5 days long event and the waste management for this year was to our satisfaction focusing on compostable products that would ease the pressure on the environment.
Compostable products is the future! Being able to close the sustainable circle and use renewable resources is what will shape the future lifestyle!
In 5 years the tall ships will return to the port of Amsterdam and Sail Amsterdam will once again stir things up in the city and on the water ways. By then we believe and hope that compostable products have grown and that operating the event will be close to 100% sustainable.