What Happens When You Put a Hampi Plate In The Dishwasher…?

We are in the business of sustainable Disposable tableware, but we quite often get the question: can you put them in the dishwasher…? A question that always humours us but we take it as a compliment, that our palm leave plates are of such great quality that it loses the single use look.
The palm leaf Hampi Products are 100% natural and compostable and no toxics nor chemical waxes are used in the production, only natural heat pressing shaping the leaves into the wanted design.
But after having gotten this question numerous times we got curious as to what actually would happen to the plate if we would put it in the dish washer… so we did!
The result was quite astonishing and shows how strong natural resources are. After having taken a 70°C bath for an hour in the dishwasher it came out in one piece and had only changed appearance by losing its shape. The colour, natural surface and thickness was the same, incredible!!!
So what can we conclude from this little experiment…? Well you can put Hampi plates in the dishwasher but they will not be usable after, so it’s better to stay away and instead throw it in the compost, let it dissolve and return to where it once came from.