Natural Tableware x Meet the Neighbors

Do you ever wonder what the companies around your office are doing and if there are any business or network opportunities in that proximity?  

Then Meet the Neighbors Lunch is a great opportunity to discover this! During this lunch you have the opportunity to meet all your neighbors in an informal atmosphere. Meetings and networks are central to this lunch. Each participating company receives up to 2 minutes to introduce his or her business. For the pitch, 2 slides can be used on a presentation screen without text, image only (still or moving).

We find this initiative to be brilliant and very ‘a jour’, working locally to grow and expand both your business and social network. Natural tableware is supporting this initiative by being a partner and supplier of the biodegradable disposables tableware that’s being used during these events.

This initiative is currently only available in the Overkant office spaces in Amsterdam Noord. We think this initiative should be adopted by more office spaces and office building areas.