The International Gourmet Festival 2013 – Vila Joya, Algarve Portugal

Since the first event held back in 2007, the International Gourmet Festival at boutique resort Vila Joya quickly established itself as the pinnacle of gastronomic excellence in Portugal. Now in its 7th edition, it has become a true international culinary extravaganza. A truly theatrical and entertaining experience with resident chef Kochina as an ebullient Master of Ceremonies.
The International Gourmet Festival featured chefs from around the world making an unforgettable display of culinary fireworks. During these 10 days the world’s most outstanding chefs of the world with a total of 60 Michelin stars made their best artworks. ‘The Royal Dutch’ were also present with 3 Michelin star chef Jonnie Boer, and 2 Michelin star chefs Hans van Wolde, Ron Blaauw, Jacob Jan Boerma, Erik van Loo and Jannis Brevet.
After a 10 day culinary festival, Sunday the 17th of November was the final gastronomic day, a food party on the beach in Portugal – Koschina & Friends: Royal Food Party. Present at this food party were a total of 26 Michelin star chefs. Thomas Bühner from La Vie, Juan Amador from Juan Amador, Enrico Cerea from Da Vittorio, Andreas Caminada from Schloss Schauenstein, Norbert Niederkofler from Hubertus, Sven Elverfeld from Aqua, Mario Lohninger from Lohninger, Thomas Dorfer from Landhaus Bacher, Peter Knogl from Cheval Blanc, Hans Neuner from Ocean and Dieter Koschina & Matteo Ferrantino from Vila Joya.
During this fantastic event these outstanding chefs presented the best haute cuisine on Wasara and Sucadrops.