Food is about more than just Taste

It is not just us at SD Trading who realize the importance of Tableware, food is more than just taste, using the right tableware can enhance your culinary experience.
A recent graduate from the Design Academy in Eindhoven has created just this. The South Korean artist Jinhyun Jeon was inspired by the phenomenon of “Synesthesia”, a neurological condition where stimulus to one sense can affect another sense. Through exploring Synesthesia we can stretch the border of what tableware can do. Cutlery for example can be more than just a tool to place food in your mouth.
Currently, there is a return to primal and intense experiences brewing in the world of art and design. It is clear that we are looking for multi-sensory and experimental stimuli which enriches our daily lives. The Synesthesia project was inspired by such a desire.
Jeon created a project entitled “Tableware as Sensorial Stimuli” seeking to infuse the daily ritual of eating with the phenomenon of synesthesia.
The project consist of a set of cutlery in which each piece is designed to engage more senses than simply taste, through a combination of 5 elements;  temperature, color, texture, volume/weight and form.
The tableware we use for eating should not only be a tool for placing food in our mouth, but it should become an extension of our body, challenging our senses even in the moment when the food is still on its way to be consumed”
By exploring synesthesia through design, the artist hopes to enhance the role of tableware and cutlery, and to enrich the experience of eating by cross-wiring and activating multiple senses and satisfy our primal desire for feeling and experience.
The spoons are made from ceramics, stainless steel, silver or plastic and are based on the conventional spoon shape but take on unusual forms with the bulbous exaggerated shapes and spikey edges. Color and finish are also key; warm colors supposedly increase appetite, while the plastic pieces, resembling glass are intended to create an unexpected reaction due to their feel not matching their appearance. (Click on the link to see the cutlery in action, Synesthesia cutlery)
Our fresh of the boat Sustainable Disposable wooden spoons from our own brand Natural Cutlery are made from natural materials with a natural wax coating enhancing the mouth feel and adding to the experience.