“Nothing Beats Nature”

For those of you who will be enjoying the culinary sensations at Antwerpen Proeft this weekend, more specifically Saturday evening, you are in for an exciting surprise. Make sure to make your way to the AEG AEG Proeft Podium for a lasting culinary experience.

“Nothing Beats Nature” is proof that we need to work together in order to reach our goals and make a difference. Together we want to #PhaseOutPlastic.

By stripping down to the bare minimals, we want to increase the awareness of the plastic littering in the world. The use of plastic is still at a high, especially when it comes to disposable products, such as single use tableware and packaging, products  that often end up in nature and oceans with a devastating impact on the animal life.

Natural Tableware joined forces with Marisa Papen, Plastic Sushi (Blue Mission), Nick Bril (The Jane Antwerp), advertising firm Fama Volat and culinary event Antwerpen Proeft to take disposable tableware to a whole new level during Antwerpen Proeft 2017.

Marisa has her own cause, Plastic Sushi where she collect funds to donate to Blue Mission. Nick is one of our brand ambassadors and only uses sustainable disposables from Natural Tableware at culinary events and festivals. Antwerpen Proeft has worked with sustainable disposables for years and Natural Tableware is the preferred supplier. Fama Volat is a marketing and PR firm with years of experience within the field who wanted to join our mission and assist with recording and visual aids.

Executing this action high lights the fact that changing the current situation and phasing out plastic is only possible if we work together, utilizing each other’s expertise and create a durable future.

“Single use, lasting experience”