Ignite the Creative Spark

“Natural Tableware offers more than bio-based disposable tableware, we offer brand experience with practical products and attractive design that adds additional value to any dining situation. Combined with the continuous desire to innovate, we aim to ignite a creative spark within all parties involved, both business and social.”

Natural Tableware design and manufacture their own sustainable disposable tableware but do so in collaboration with acknowledge designer and chefs in order to get the best result, quality and functionality. Together we want to co-crate, involve other parties in our mission and vision; replacing plastic disposables with natural alternative and eventually Phase Out Plastic disposables entirely.

At the moment we have six of our own premium brands, the latest was created together with an Israeli ceramic designer and Nick Bril from the two star restaurant The Jane Antwerp.

There are also other ways to ignite the creative spark, customization. We believe using good looking sustainable packaging will strengthen your brand and by customizing your disposables  give you a competitive advantage.  

If you are interesting in creating something spectacular together that will benefit both but you and your business as well as the environment just give us a call and we can discuss all the possibilities.