Symbiose by The Jane at Jan van As Masterclass

Earlier this week Symbiose by The Jane disposables shined in a cooking Masterclass at Jan van As with in-house chef Ronald Oud together with Onno Kokmeijer & Arjan Speelman from the 2 star restaurant Ciel Bleu located in the Okura Hotel Amsterdam

During the masterclass, the chefs from Ciel Bleu shared and exhibited their cooking expertise when preparing lobster. Four dishes were prepared and served to the guests; one amuse followed by three smaller lobster dishes.

A team member from Jan van As also gave a presentation about the different types of crayfish as well as highlighting the sustainability of their operation.

The masterclass ended with a tour of the facility, where was shown how the fish are processed, re-packed and shipped out to the customer, all within a day’s work.

Symbiose by The Jane consists of four references; three sized bowls and one top/side plate. Symbiose was created in collaboration with Nick Bril from The Jane and designer agency One and Many.

Symbiose by the Jane is now available on, get yours now!