Aspenware cutlery sustainable enough for Easter Island

Far out in the South Pacific Ocean, Aspenware has managed to pop up as the cutlery of choice for the inhabitants of the remote area known as Easter Island. The beautiful island which is world renowned for the mysterious Giant Head’s placed along the ocean shores, has found that the only cutlery sustainable enough to be used on their island is Aspenware
Easter Island or Rapa Nui as it is also known, has become quite a tourist destination where people come from all over the world to view the mysterious heads and take in the unique culture. But in order to maintain the natural beauty of the island, the people have chosen to forgo plastic cutlery for a truly compostable alternative. Living on such a small island poses a problem for people of Rapa Nui, because of the sheer size there is hardly any room to landfill garbage. Previously, residents of the island would have to ship their plastic waste back to the continent of South America to be disposed and lanfilled. Of course this was becoming very costly to do and would not be sustainable long term, so they began looking for other alternatives. Some people were beginning to hear about a new disposable wooden utensil that was being sold in South America and started searching for it.
Our South American partner Steven Adler and his company Cubiertos de Madera, were at an Easter festival, where he was approached enthusiastically by a local business owner from Rapa Nui who had been looking for the product for a while. He had told Steven about the huge plastic waste problem they had on the island, and they began to devise a plan to start bringing in compostable wooden utensils and palm leaf plates to Rapa Nui. It was an instant success with the people of the island, and on their first order they ran out of stock on the 3rd day! Cubiertos de Madera has continued to supply the island, and we can proudly say we are the only disposable dinnerware being used by the people of Rapa Nui!
We’re proud to be used in such an amazing part of the world, and extremely happy we can help out the local community of Rapa Nui to reduce their plastic waste and preserve a great part of our Earth’s history.
SD Trading is the proud distributer of Aspenware within Europe