And The Winners of Grillmasters 2015 Are…

With consistent good performance throughout the competitions and the winners of many challenges the judges were unanimous, the winning couple of Grillmasters 2015 are….Huub and Reinata!
I will let you in on a secret, they were our favorite couple all along… with lovable personalities and a few personal tricks and secret ingredients they truly deserved to become the Gillmasters 2015, setting the standards pretty high for next year’s contestants.
And on second place… Hampi Products and Natural Cutlery, our beloved compostable tableware that did a great job, helping the contestants with adding that little extra to their presentations and giving the guests sturdy and stylish palm leaf plates and wooden cutlery to eat from.
Did you get inspired and want to explore your BBQing skills or have a competition with your neighbors? Make sure to get some compostable tableware too, perfect for outdoor cooking and easy to clean!!!