WASARA Japan visits SD Trading Head Quarters

Last week, Mr. Ito the owner and President of and Mrs. Shinako the General Manager of WASARA honored us with a visit to our headquarters.
We had some good business meetings covering several topics. It seems WASARA is growing rapidly all over the world. Not only Europe but also SE Asia and the US show very good growing numbers.
More and more caterers,event organizers and famous chefs chose WASARA instead of traditional porcelain. Also consumer retail is showing great results. Later this summer we will launch the 18pcs cutlery pack with 6 knives, 6 forks and 6 spoons especially designed for the European market and excellent to go with the new 6 pcs WASARA consumer packages.
Our beloved WASARA colleauges also gave us a sneak preview of a new revolutionary product that will rock the traditional way of food packaging.
Of course we wrapped up our meeting at the wonderful restaurant of Peter Lute who was one of the first chefs to use WASARA and up till today is one of our biggest fans and loyal client.