WASARA in “Eat Drink Art Design” Exhibition

WASARA in “Eat Drink Art Design” Exhibition at The Museum of Arts and Design (MAD), New York
WASARA tableware is showcased at “Eat Drink Art Design” exhibition, held at The Museum of Arts and Design (“MAD”/ 2 Columbus Circle New York / from September 21, 2010 through March 27, 2011.
MAD focuses on materials and processes that are embraced by practitioners in the fields of craft, art and design, as well as architecture, fashion, interior design, technology, performing arts, and art and design-driven industries. Through their collections, exhibitions and educational programs, the museum encourages awareness and appreciation of art, craft and design in daily life.
“Eat Drink Art Design” Exhibition:
The show is organized in four parts, “Eat” “Drink” “Art” “Design”. WASARA is showcased as functional tableware which is simple yet elegant, eco-friendly and disposable, in the part of the “Eat” display. Trailblazing Tableware from the MAD Collection showcases tableware – cups, plates, silverware, tea sets – that redefine the art of dining. Drawn largely from the museum’s collection, the exhibition features 60 aesthetically delectable pieces from beautifully handcrafted mid-century pots, to elegant flatware and goblets, to more conceptual works by artists who use the familiarity of tableware as a frame for contemporary issues.
For details, please read the press release, for questions: press@WASARA.jp