The Green Manifesto

Our mission is to phase out plastic disposables.

We want to achieve that by sourcing and distributing beautiful, sustainable and well-made bio-based alternatives.

Phasing out plastic disposables is a big task, and we need everyone in our team to rise to the occasion. That’s why we empower our employees, partners, suppliers, and our community; invest in training and in the exchange of knowledge; and enable everyone who works with us to contact us, to engage with us and to share ideas for improvement.

We use as little fossil/non-renewable resources as we can, we don’t add chemicals or toxins to our products, we try to find recycling uses for everything we can’t use ourself and we monitor and improve our use of water and energy.

We set the standard for sustainable products. Our products show end-users how great alternatives to fossil-based products actually are. We inspire our customers to support more sustainable options and create a change in their industy.