The Candy Brigade

Fruittella is taking the lead in promoting sustainable ideas in the candy industry. They have joined forces with TerraCycle, a company known for recycling conventional non-recyclable materials, to decrease their impact on the environment.
Together, the two companies  are stimulating individuals and organizations like schools, local sports clubs and assiciations to collect any form of candy packaging and deliver it at a central recycle point. Here, the collected material will be recycled free of charge, saving money. This money can then be donated to a selected non-profit organization or charity.
TerraCycle is working together with organizations all over the world to set up recycling programs. From the collected material, TerraCycle develops new products, like garbage bins and playground equipment from non-recyclable materials. Fruittella is one of the Netherlands’s oldest and biggest candy manufacturers. They have always take a leading role in promoting a more sustainable candy industry. Another one of their initiatives involves using natural flavoring and pigment products in alol their candy and only using natural wrapping materials.
At SD Trading we enjoy to see initiatives that reduce plastic waste. We wish Fruittella and TerraCycle all the best with their great recycling program. Do you want to join? Then just click on this link and enroll!