Sustainable Disposables at #WILC2015

Last weekend the 2015 World Indoor Lacrosse Championship started and was the first ever international sporting event held on indigenous land close to Syracuse in Upstate New York. Over the past week 13 nations have been competing for the title and trope at the Onondaga Nation.
Lacrosse is one of the oldest team sports in North America, the original game was given as a gift from the Creator to the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) the power of the game I sacred and demands purity of mind, body and spirit. It was revered by the Haudenosaunee and handed down through generations as a game of discipline and honor. It is believed that when the game is played there is a parallel game in the sky…”honoring and protecting the Nations value, traditions and way of life”
For a sport like this that is in tune with nature and this year even held on indigenous land using sustainable disposables was naturally the only way to go.
During the Welcome dinner the environmentally conscious Mr. Al Gore himself enjoyed his dinner served on one of our palm leaf references, Hampi Products.