Sustainable Disposables at Hotel Amstelkwartier

This past Saturday Hotel Amstelkwartier had an open house press event, where they invited guests to scout the premises and construction of the sustainable hotel that is to be open in spring 2016.
The concept behind the four start hotel is durable luxury. The 21 stories high Hotel Amstelkwartier will be the first LEED platinum certified hotel in Europe where luxury meets comfort though integrated sustainability without having a negative impact on the environment.
The building itself is “alive” and the façade responds to the external environment and prevents heat loss and overheating. The hotel will run on reused energy and resources where possible and strives to be as self-sufficient as possible with its own roof top greenhouse.
On Saturday a selection of press and other guests where invited to the construction site located in the vicinity to the Amstel train station to see the development of the building and become more informed about the concept.
During the day they also offered various food tastings and the children got a chance to make their own soup made from locally sourced tomatoes and herbs. All of the tasting were of course served on our sustainable disposable tableware and cutlery.