Sustainable Development at KLM Open

From 6 to 9 September 2012 the most sustainable Golf event in the world (KLM Open) took place. Golfers from all around the world played at the Hilversumsche Golf Club.
Between-us, an international CSR consultancy firm, shared the results of the first Sustainable Golf Index. This Index measures the perceived sustainability of the professional European Golf tournaments. The Index is based on the ‘Sustainable Event Monitor’ which was a co-creation of Between-US and NHTV Academy for leisure. The KLM Open, an official tournament on the PGA European Tour is ranked on top with an index score of 62,9%.
Roy Scheerder, Vice-president Marketing of KLM: “We are very proud with this award. We think it’s a great initiative. Events can work on their sustainability in various ways, most of these are not even that complicated. At KLM sponsoring and CSR go side by side. By doing so we keep the message to our customers and stakeholders in line.
Jeroen Enzerink of Maison van den Boer was one of the suppliers of the event. “We have made several investments in sustainable solutions and therefore we are one of the frontrunners in making the ”public” catering business more sustainable and green. At the event Maison van den Boer only made use of organic ingredients and of course compostable disposables.
Thomas Kascha of SD Trading is proud that his company also had a small part in this sustainable event. Maison van den Boer also used our sustainable HAMPI palm plates disposables. The story of SD Strading is already known: “Single Use Lasting Experience!”