Single use, lasting experience

The secret that connects the chefs to our fabulous tableware, is simply the fact that their dishes look best on our plates.
“Single use, lasting experience”, that is our motto.
We are simply passionate about exploring and looking after the nature around us and we are determined to  revolutionize the general definition of the word “disposables”!
Originating from the nature and returning to the earth
Following the huge demand for design disposables like WASARA we decided it was time for a Dutch Design variant. We asked the famous food designer Annelies Hermsen to assist us and this collaboration results in the successful bagasse line “Sucadrops” which we launched in June 2013. It’s shaped as elegant as it sounds. The Sucadrops line perfectly meets all of our expectations that aim at the creation of a greener world. The shape symbolizes a new beginning, and the sugarcane pulp which it is made from shows its cyclical life.
Play with creativities
This year SD Trading launched the new Chefs’ Freedom line, another product designed by Annelies to join the bagasse family. Since the plate can be used on both sides we named it: “Chefs’ Freedom” as it is tailor-made for chefs and offers them the ultimate freedom since it can be used on both sides and all the way around. Just like all of our products, Chefs’Freedom is not only sustainable, but also practical and strong. The Dutch design makes it look fantastic and whatever dish you want to serve on it, “Chefs’ Freedom” just stands it out!
Perfect Partnership
SD Trading has been working closely with the famous international  (star)chefs like Sergio Herman, Nick Bril, Jonnie Boer, Dieter Koschina and many more, they learn us what we need to develop and how we should anticipate on the gastronomic future. Next to the large party-and event catering functions , our brands are being used more and more at international events like Tomorrowland, ChefsRevolution, Taste of Antwerp and the International Gourmet Festival at Vila Joya where star chefs like Thomas Bühner, Juan Amador and Sven Elverfeld presented their creations on our plates. The secret that connects the chefs to our fabulous tableware, is simply the fact that their dishes look best on our plates.
SD Trading exists for you
Furthermore, we have our well known “Hampi” products, providing you with a natural sensation by keeping the natural scent of the palm leaves they are made of. Like the premium bagasse lines we develop, our Hampi products can serve you on any occasion that demands a high degree of mobility and flexibility. You can find a product combination from our five product lines that will suit your occasion best.
No excuses anymore!
In addition to the affordable price and unrivaled design, we care about every detail from production until disposing. There is no excuse to use non-degradable disposables anymore. Our revolutionary sustainable disposables excel them on every aspect. In 2015, we will present the new bagasse product line “Natural Tableware” which is developed in such a way that it will meet and exceed all the needs and wants of the market.
Just as our initial promise to the earth, sustainability is the ongoing mission for SD Trading!
Single use, lasting experience
‘Single use, lasting experience’, dat is het motto van SD Trading.
Ook het dit jaar gelanceerde merk Chefs’Freedom voldoet hier volledig aan. Bekende chefs als Sergio Herman, Nick Bril, Jonnie Boer en Peter Lute hadden de eer om als eerste met het nieuwe bordje te werken.  Het design geeft de chef de keuze aan welke zijde het bordje wordt gebruikt en de verdieping in het bordje voegt daar legio mogelijkheden aan toe. Het ontwerp lag in handen van Annelies Hermsen.
Annelies ontwierp eerder al de succesvolle Sucadrops reeks voor SD Trading. Op vele gastronomische festivals als Taste of Amsterdam, ChefsRevolution, Antwerpen Proeft  maar ook bij grote publieksevenmenten als ook Tomorrowland en Extrema Outdoor werd al gebruikt gemaakt van de mooie duurzame designbordjes van SD, dat sinds 2014 ook actief is op de Amerikaanse markt; het walhalla van wegwerpservies dat helaas nog te vaak niet duurzaam is.
De keuze voor onze producten laat zich raden. Chefs, presenteren hun gastronomische kunststukjes liever niet op slap en lelijk plastic wegwerpservies als er een alternatief is dat niet alleen duurzaam en stevig is maar ook nog eens een fantastische uitstraling heeft. Het assortiment is inmiddels dusdanig uitgebreid dat er reeds voor  elke gelegenheid een bord of bowl bestaat dat perfect aansluit op alle wensen.
Begin 2015 voegt SD Trading met ‘Natural Tableware’ een nieuwe lijn toe aan het gamma. Deze producten zullen laten zien hoe elegant generieke ronde en vierkante vormen kunnen zijn.  Natural Tableware is net als Sucadrops en Chefs’Freedom gemaakt van suikerrietpulp en is dus volledig biologisch afbreekbaar