Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’…

With spring being just around the corner and the weather getting warmer, people are slowly starting to come out of their hibernation and spend time out n’ about. Meaning the Food Truck Season is rolling in.
Over the past few years the amount of Food Trucks in the urban centers in Europe have rapidly increased, and you constantly see new Food Trucks popping up.
The Food Truck concept is originally from America and that is where it all started in the late 2000’s. With recession hitting the economy there was an increased demand in quick and inexpensive meals and with Food Trucks having relatively low operational and marketing costs the Foot Trucks proved to be extremely prosperous, and that was the start of the Food Truck development.
The typical all American Food Truck used to serve defrosted instant meals but all this was about to change. As the demand for quick meals increased so did the interest for food and nutrition. This turned many into what we today refer to as Foodies, some even into self-proclaimed chefs. The increased sustainability awareness have also influenced the development in the quality of food served from Food Trucks. Today,  more people are looking to use locally produced ingredients and run their business in the most eco-friendly way possible. These factors have made the quality of food increase tremendously, serving more nutritious and healthy food.
Considering that the startup -and operational costs are relatively low many Foodies have started their own Food Truck to share their passion for food with their city. Even chefs from upscale restaurants have expanded their market by starting a Food Truck, making their menu more affordable.
Social media have had a great impact on the development of Food Trucks, especially Twitter in the early days of the Food Trucks. Today other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have become channels of communication. Some Food Trucks even have their own smart phone application, making it easy for their customers to locate them. If you are interested in seeing a fiction example of how one Food Truck reached their success by using Twitter, check out the movie Chef.
Today the Food Truck trend is vast here in Europe, with many different concepts and niches. You can see new Food Trucks popping up on your social media newsfeed on a regular basis  The Food Trucks have become a new norm, and fit into the urban landscape perfectly. You can see them on street corners, and festivals, some people even use them for catering purposes. They even have their own food events, such as “TREK ” in The Netherlands and “Rollende Keukens ” in Amsterdam to name a few.
This is a trend SD Trading is very supportive off. The increased amount of Food Trucks have increased the demand for disposables and considering many business want to be sustainable we are THE supplier for Sustainable Disposables.