Reducing CO2 emission on ‘Greenchoice Warme Truiendag’

Each year there is a Warme Truiendag (warm sweater day) in the Netherlands to stimulate the reduction of CO2 emission. On this special day, participants of the initiative turn down the heater and wear a warm sweater instead. Besides, some of them organize events on their school, work, campus or anywhere to increase the awareness of the pollution by CO2 emission.
The initiators of the Warme Truiendag are Greenchoice and Klimaatverbond Nederland. Greenchoice is an organization providing green energy with the noble vision to make all energy production green. The Klimaatverbond (the Dutch climate bond) is a coordinating organization that commits itself to the conservation of our nature.  Just like Greenchoice, the reduction of CO2 emission and support of green energy are of key importance to the organization.
If you want to join the Warme Truiendag, turn down your heater coming Friday and put on a cozy warm sweater. Or do you have another creative idea to stimulate green energy?
At SD Trading we have another way to keep our nature alive; through selling beautiful sustainable disposables. The materials that we use for our beautiful disposables we only borrow from the earth and give it back right after use. By doing this, we stimulate the use of green products instead of unsustainable products.