Phase Out Plastic

Our vision of phasing out plastic disposables entirely is a far-fetched dream and will take many years and team work on a global scale. There are many factors that add to the increasingly bad environmental situation in the world. What first started with a focus on the CO2 exhausts has now grown into covering our entire lifestyle, forcing us to change our habits in order to stabilize our impact on the planet.

Plastic is the a product that is not only polluting our air quality in the production process but has infested our lives, the amount of plastic we consume on a weekly basis is ridiculous. When it comes to the wrapping and packaging industry this is where plastic has taken over completely. Going in to your local supermarket and trying to not buy anything that is wrapped in plastic is extremely difficult. As a test I can recommend you to throw all the plastic trash in a separate bag to see how much plastic you consume in one week. The result is terrifying! When separating you garbage into plastic, paper, glass, aluminum and compost, you will see that the biggest amount of trash you generate is plastic.

There are many natural alternative to plastic and with advanced technology more options is entering the market. Natural Tableware is focusing on phasing out the use of plastic disposables and plastic packaging. We offer several alternatives and solutions that will both strengthen you brand and help the environment.