It’s not only the inside that counts…

The packaging of a product is just as important as the product itself, not only for marketing purposes but for the customer’s psychological inclination.
One of the challenges we face today is to find the perfect combination of attractive and interesting packaging while using as little plastic as possible.
The leading packaging design resource online, The Dieline made an analytical trend forecast in the beginning of this year identifying four key emerging packaging trends.
Visual Authenticity- may include handwritten typography, vintage inspired references or type, simple illustrations and natural color palettes.
Luxury for less- subtle, understating design cues, tactile textures, soft color palettes and hand-drawn iconography and graphic elements.
Ultra pure- straightforward and stark design, no traditional logos, generally minimal work mark, abstract elements, geometric shapes and patterns and monochromatic or dichromatic, no more than two or three colors.
Bio based- innovative substrates made from natural materials, inspired by biology of nature, edible packaging substrates and carbon neutral processes.
Bio based packaging is not necessarily a trend per se, rather a new generation technological evolution of sustainable packaging as we know it. We are beginning to feel real obligations to push the boundaries of packaging substrates in order to protect the future of our planet. The new sustainable packaging innovations are on the horizon and designers and companies are beginning to experiment with them.
SD Trading is one step ahead with sustainable disposable tableware, to-go containers and other packaging made from natural, compostable and recyclable materials with an elegant and a jour design.