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It is finally here; the first item of our new bagasse line “Natural Tableware”! We present to you our Square Medium Tray plate, the perfect premium, natural alternative to standard tableware.
The simple contemporary design makes Natural Tableware an ideal choice for everyday use, while its aesthetic appeal also creates the right atmosphere for special occasions. Each piece of Natural Tableware serves a purpose, yet the design is flexible and invites the chef to achieve stunning, creative plating. Furthermore, the practical and compact products of Natural Tableware lend themselves to event service, and their compostability is a terrific advantage as well. Natural Tableware has the ability to transform a simple dish into a beautiful culinary creation, and when combined with Natural Cutlery the result is even more stunning. Natural Tableware is so practical and elegant that it is easy to overlook the positive impact these products have on our environment.
Natural Tableware products are the first choice of both professional and amateur chefs for single-use tableware. The products are smartly packed, compact and lightweight. The plates are strong and firm – able to carry gastronomic masterpieces without issue. The bagasse (cane fiber) material can be used in microwave as well as combi-steam ovens. Meal preparation can be done in the quiet hours while heating for final service can be done on location. Natural Tableware plates and bowls will hold liquids for at least 48 hours, and withstand freezer & refrigeration without any problems.
The first of the collection is now available and stay put for the next items that will soon be following!