Making a difference where we can

We recently wrote a blog about a very inspiring man who took action against plastic pollution and littering and started cleaning up the waterfront he passed every day on his way to work. This man truly inspired us and we wanted to join his effort in making a change and cleaning up our environment.
Therefore, the SD Trading team speared a few minutes of our working day and headed out to look for trash in the area surrounding our office.
We are located on the North side of Amsterdam right in front of the river IJ. We are extremely lucky with the view from our working desks being only a few meters away from the glistening water.
From where we are sitting the water looks clean and we only see boats floating by, but we were about to learn that the water is not as clean as we imagined.
On our little trash-treasure hunt we found the holy grail of plastic. Only a few meters from our office up stream behind a fence we found a pile of stranded litter among the stones on shore. On this 10 meter strip of land we were able to fill 5 full bags with various litter, mainly plastic and Styrofoam.
The amount of trash that we were able to collect on such a short strip of land was remarkable and extremely eye opening. The litter that does not get stranded will not only pollute the local waters but will eventually end up in our oceans. And considering more than 70% of Earth’s surface is water what else is out there…
We encourage more people to take a few minutes of your time to make a change, every bit counts