Who Knew We Would Find The Future in The Past…?

The amount of food waste that we generate every year is staggering!  Fortunately more people are becoming aware of the situation and many have started taking action and re-thinking their lifestyles.
After 12 years in the fine dining kitchen chef Douglas McMaster had enough and returned to the UK in hope to change the way restaurants source and operates. On the ground floor of a warehouse in the trendy heart of Brighton you’ll find his initiative and the UK’s first Zero-waste restaurant, Silo.
The overall design of the space is undone where the interior is sourced from local non-profit community projects of sharing the use of unwanted goods, such as old school tables and office floor insulations turned bench seating. Virtually everything in the restaurant is upcycled or made from intercepted waste materials- from cutlery and jam jar glasses to plates made from recycled plastic bags.
Silo is designed with the trash bin in mind. The production of waste has been eliminated by simply choosing to trade directly with farmers, using re-usable delivery vessels and choosing local ingredients that generate no waste. On top of this they also provide quality through purity, adopting a more primitive diet using both modern and ancient techniques. They mill flour, make yoghurt, roll oats, bake bread, brew vinegar and beer, culture cream, grow mushrooms, cure meat and compost food scraps in-house to mention a few. Silo has adopted a pre-industrial food system adapted to the modern kitchen. Who would have thought that we would find the future in the past….
By taking care or their organic waste Silo is able to close the circle and give back nutrition to the earth that grow their produce.
There’s a story to be told behind every dish, of a farmer, a forger, a fisherman, a hunter and many more.
So many creative and passionate people are involved in making Silo a collective project and a way of life.
As Douglas McMaster says: “Food can be a wonderful vehicle for social change“
A statement SD Trading agrees with to the fullest only hoping Silo will convert to compostable plates that they can compost in- house instead of using recycled plastic products.