Hampi Leaf Bank

Thanks to the investors of our Crowdfunding project on Oneplanetcrowd, we were able to start building the Hampi Leaf Bank.
The Leaf Bank will not only enable us to continue the Hampi production during the monsoon but it will also mean that the entire staff will be ensured of work and income during the rain season.
After some rainy months the quality of the leafs is now slowly picking up in Tamil Nadu, India. We are aiming to purchase one million extra leafs to store in our Leaf Bank in the coming two to three months. By the end of august, beginning of September we will then be fully dependent on our stored leafs until January of next year.
We have been visiting the development site this month to see how the work is progressing.  An entire family complemented with workers from the local village has found work in building, maintaining and running the Leaf Bank.
The temporary buildings will be made from the wood of palm trees from a sustainable source.  We have found a special spot in the mountains with a very dry climate (only a few days of rain per year). Important, because moisture is a potential danger for our leafs since we don’t want any fungus.
The temperature in the building will rise as high as 50 to 60 degrees during daytime. The floors are around half a meter above the ground to enable an air stream.
The result is a clean and dry leaf without any germs or fungus. Of course we will wash the leafs before actual production but for the end quality of the product it’s important to get rid of all the moisture in the leaf itself.
Our pictures will show the site where we are building the temporary warehouses. You will see leafs which are checked for quality and bundled per 25. We expect to finish the leaf bank within one month. Within three months all buildings will be totally stocked up with the best possible quality leafs, again thanks to our investors!
By the way, we have chosen a nice wall in our factory where we will print the names of our Karma boosters and loyal investors. As soon as the wall is ready, we will share this with you!