Great ideas for a sustainable picnic in the park

Hot, Hot is hot. If the holidays are too far away, what remains is to go to the park, enjoy the sun and have the perfect picnic!
The warm weather has finally taken off and the classic cliché that every year during this time, knocking insistently in the mind of the most  is that of a deserted beach, a crystal clear sea and a cold beer in your hands. For those who have to work all that remains is the possibility to enjoy the good weather in the park downtown accompanied by a healthy snack
This can all be done in a sustainable way, of course. To heat the food without the use of a stove you can use the ‘Solar Schiscetta’, an idea by Normalearchitettura studio in Milan. The term “schiscetta” comes from Lombard dialect, but refers to an object that everybody knows: the lunch-box. The ‘Solar Schiscetta’ works thanks to the exploitation of solar energy: various panels concentrate the sun’s rays onto a transparent plastic bag, resistant to high temperatures and that, in its interior, contains the food. The time necessary to heat the food is variable, but in principle can oscillate between 10 and 30 minutes
To eat a picnic which is eco-friendly in all respects, it is important to use compostable cutlery. Conversely than plastic, which seriously pollutes and damages the environment, are completely biodegradable, can be disposed of along with food and derive from renewable sources, such as sugar cane or bamboo. An example are those produced by the Japanese company Japanese company WASARA, in balance between the tradition of Japanese design and respect for nature. Besides the cutlery, you can also use the WASARA design paperware plates, cups and bowls which are fully compostable as well. This is the original product WASARA started off with.
And if the sun is blazing desire to a cold drink no fear, because there are refrigerators that feed on solar energy. Emily Cummins is only 25 years old and, in addition to being named ‘Woman of the Year 2009’ in England, has already won a long string of awards. This girl has inherited her grandfather’s passion for the reuse of old objects and decided to exploit their creative talents in favor of the less fortunate, giving rise to an actual revolutionary refrigerator. Portable and sustainable, is composed of two cylinders that are fed by sunlight and can be made up of wool, wood or sand. The water – even dirty or impure – is positioned between the cylinders and  through the heat of the sun, evaporates and keeps the contents of the refrigerator at a temperature of about 6 degrees Celsius. Certainly, this invention has not been designed to help lovers of picnics in the park, but it is literally giving a smile to entire communities of South Africa and what could be better?