Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned…

… but sustainable disposables were used!
Another successful edition of The Brunch was hosted this past weekend, this time at Altar Gent and only the sinners were let in. Instead of holy water there were floods of vine and champagne and instead of communion wafer great food was served on sustainable disposables.
The Brunch Sins was the third edition of a series of events arranged by The Jane Antwerp and the Mastermind Serigo Herman.
Among the sinners you could find beautiful plating made by the talented chefs with guidance from Sergio Herman. Just like the previous two editions the team at The Brunch went all in, and really lived up to the theme of Sins.  The event was truly sacral, hosted in the former church, Altar Gent with the waiting staff dressed up in church related costumes with a sinful twist.
Visit The Brunch website to get your ticket to the next event in August, believe us, you don’t want to miss out!!! For more photos visits The Brunch Facebook page.