Food on Tour by Jonnie and Thérèse Boer (Librije ***) at “Lekker Laren”

During the culinary festival ‘Lekker Laren’ which was held from August 22nd till August 25th, 2013 Food on Tour used Sucadrops and Aspenware for their beautiful dishes.
Food on Tour, inspired by Jonnie en Thérèse Boer.
Food on Tour is the catering company by Jonnie and Thérèse Boer, both well-known through their restaurant ‘De Librije’ (3 Michelin Stars) and ‘Librije’s Hotel’.
In both the restaurant and the hotel exquisite tastes and superb hosting are very important factors. Everything Jonnie and Thérèse stand for, among them the splendid combinations of wine and food, is also expressed in the way Food on Tour works.
The philosophy of Food on Tour is Pure in the broadest sense of the word. “Of course our food is pure and we only use the best products. The way we prepare our dishes, makes you taste all separate ingredients at its best.”
The word Pure represents so much more, really everything Jonnie and Thérèse stand for. You will see it, not only in the way they work, but also in the way they interact with guests.
The reason for Food on Tour to join ‘Lekker Laren’.
The culinary festival “Lekker Laren” was the perfect opportunity to introduce ourselves to the people. During this festival, which was held for the first time, we could introduce the guests to our gastronomy and our philosophy.
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