Which is Your Favorite Food Truck in NL?

Don’t you just love Food tucks? Delicious, nutritious and flavorful food! Food trucks are taking over and becoming the preferred fast food!
But making it big in the Food Truck business is not only about serving great food, you need to have the right concept that will make up “POP” in the sea of Food Trucks.
The lifestyle channel 24 Kitchen.nl has arranged a nationwide competition Food Truck Awards 2015, where  Food Trucks all over The Netherlands can sign up and have fans voting for their favorite Food Truck.
Personally (the writer of this post who is slightly bias considering they are good friends of mine ?? ) voted for the fantastic The Feeders Food Truck, a food truck that entered the market only a few months ago, in the beginning of the season, but boy have they managed to grow fast and gain popularity among festivalgoers and food lovers.
Another great thing about Food Trucks, beside the amazing food, they usually have an environmental friendly and sustainable mindset. Most food trucks and other mobile kitchens are trying to use as much recycled and compostable disposables as possible, something we of course applaud!!!
So don’t miss your change to support Your favorite Food Truck in The Netherlands, vote on 24kitchen.nl.