ADE Green

After the recent developments and disappointing results from the PlasticHeroes initiative, ADE and ID&T have come together to host the fourth edition of ADE Green. This conference focuses on sustainability, innovation and social change, things that have become increasingly more important to festival organizers and to the people that visit them. During this event, hosted at De Brakke Grond on October 19th, visitors can be inspired by workshops, in-depth discussions and panels as well as keynote speeches from large key players in the industry. Check the Facebook page for more info! 

As we see that our disposable palm leaf and bagasse plates, FSC wood cutlery and PLA cups are already used at a lot of festivals, we are happy to see that organization like ADE and ID&T are taking initiative to bring more attention to this topic. The use of disposable tableware is obviously a part of the bigger picture, we’re happy to be a part of it!

Next to the awesome parties that ADE brings to Amsterdam annually, it is awesome that they include a large educative part for the people that work or want to work in the industry, and now a part for increasing the green standard on festivals as well! Rock On!