Spectrum of Beauty + Natural Tableware

On Saturday the 4th November a benefit gala was organized by Spectrum of Beauty to increase awareness about Autism and to rains money for the cause and research.

Spectrum of Beauty is an organization supporting research on autism and how to best tackle it together with Robertshuis. Robertshuis is building a bridge between children with autism and the world around them. Making this world more understandable and manageable for them. The Robertshuis is specialized in providing care for children and young adults with autism spectrum disorder.

During the benefit gala last this past saturday Natural Tableware sponsored the biodegradable disposables for the chefs to prepare and serve their bites on.

To learn more about Spectrum of Beauty and the good work they do visit their website Spectrum of Beauty.  Are you arranging a larger event and are looking for sustainable yet practical tableware solutions just contact us or visit our web shop Disposables.bio